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Re: No BABY for me.....

Of course, most men will refuse to believe that it is their fault for the inability to TTC, however, if you are ovulating and having a period every month and timing intercourse correctly, then it is extremely possible that the problem does lie with him! That doesnt mean there is anything wrong with him and sometimes simple things can help.. he should see a doctor, but maybe since he is so "manly" (im married to one of those too.. lol) maybe you can suggest you both see a specialist TOGETHER, and that will take the pressure off of him thinking its "all him". I know if i even suggested my DH had a problem, he would run the other direction, then say its all me.  he blamed me the first month we didnt get PG .. I was pregnant by the second month off b/c.


I suggest you make an appointment for the both of you together, and go together, and let a doctor tell him something is up with his end of the deal, instead of you :smileyhappy: its easier to take when it comes from someone with a Ph D instead of "my lovely wife degree" Lol.

Best of luck!

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