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worried and would like input please

my period started the 13, ended the 18, i was intimate the 23, during a fertile day, and according to me tracker should have ovulated on the 27th. he did not ejaculate in me, but we did have unprotecred sex. around the 28 i was having a major hot flash... i was so hot i usually wear a jacket in class cuz its cold but i was almost sweating. my breasts are tender, i have been having some cramps, and some cramps on the sides on my stomach more on the right though. i do feel a little nausated but idk if thats just nerves. and my head does feel a little funny sometimes and while riding in the car with my mom my stomach felt so uneasy. what are my chances of being pregnant? btw, i NEVER have the sympotms i just described above. not even during my period my cramps are usually never present. so thats the only reason im a little worried. please no rude comments.