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Re: anxiously waiting

This might sound really weird but when we were TTC for #1 I never really thought of it as TTC. I don't know if that sounds bad or not? I really really really really really wanted to have a baby but I also didn't want the whole stress around ovulation tests, etc. I think part of the reason that I never really thought of it as TTC too was because my doc told me she was 90% certain I had PCOS and I definitely had the health history to support that. I suppose this did help me some too because I also never really KNEW when I would have a period or any of that good stuff, and there was some disappointment when my period would start.


What I ended up doing though was to work on me- get myself healthy, exercise to blow off stress, and we DTD a lot more often than we were previously which helped a lot, LOL. It got my body to a point that it started to ovulate more regularly, because I was taking better care of it, and boost our chances of success. If I remember right it took us around 8 or 9 months before we stopped TTP that I had a BFP. I'm really grateful now for that long wait- I would have rather gotten pregnant right away and had that baby but because of some circumstances when DH graduated from school and with his first job, the timing was perfect for us and he started his current job 2 weeks exactly after DD1 was born.