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Re: I'm 7 days late,need some advice

Are you breastfeeding? 


The reason I ask is because I'm also breastfeeding and we had an encounter that we weren't horribly careful with (we didn't want a baby yet, lol, DD2 was only 7 1/2 months old) because we figured my period was going to start very soon and I had some spotting a couple weeks before and sometimes you spot when you ovulate, and that was 2 weeks so no way I could get pregnant, right? LOL


Well fast forward two weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test and my period was 3 weeks late. The big catch though is that according to dates I should have been 8 weeks pregnant but I was really only 4, which was why even though my period was late it took so long to get a positive test.


Your body could have done the same thing as mine (ovulate, then ovulate again without a period inbetween is really common while breastfeeding according to my midwife). If your period doesn't start in the next week I would POAS again.