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Brie: I'm sorry that Bcp they put you on didn't work. I hope the other one works for you. I would call my dr and ask but the nurse that answers the phone is extremely rude. Every time I've called them I've had to pull teeth to get information even to get my appointment. That's why I'm just waiting for Wednesday to ask in person.

Tara: I hope that you don't need the infertility clinic. Kmfc for you!!

Simone: Sorry about AF. I was hoping she stayed away!

Afm: Migraine is a little better I had a little nap. The dogs aren't letting me sleep for very long now. I think they want all of my attention on them instead of sleeping. I can't help it though I'm just exhausted. I was helping out the pt testers again today and some of the women I had to do the waist mesurements on have been to the OB I picked out and have really good things to say about her. They also asked me how work was treating me and when I told them they said she would put a stop to it because she doesn't like people being mistreated while pregnant. I'm feeling better about my apt now that I've heard all of the good things about her. Work is getting to me though. The base has a four day weekend and I only get one of the days off. When we asked about comp days we were told we weren't getting them. They have to give them to us, next time I see someone in management outside of the facility I'm going to ask them if its against regs to not give comp days for holidays and base down days. I'm tired of getting screwed up with this job. Sorry for venting I'm just really irritated again. You ladies have a good evening! I gotta get something to eat.

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