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Re: August 2013 Board

Hey ladies. Got my labs drawn yesterday and of course as expected my cholesterol is high. Not overweight just genetically screwed on that one. My primary doc said the FSH and estrogen looked normal, but will default to the infertility specialist for that. I didn't get those numbers, but they are mailing them to me. I need to call the pharmacy to have them fill my clomid from last month I didn't take. 


Brie- Glad you got the mini pill. Even though it's important to take at the same time everyday...if you are worried you can't you can still try to use condoms or maybe a diaphragm? Good luck with school. @ more after this isn't bad at all!


Simone- Hope you're doing well!


Alix- I bet your excited for you first US. Soon, soon, soon!


Isra- Hope you are settling into your new place better now!