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Simone: Dr. M gave me a combo pill, Lo Loestrin Fe dosage = 1mg/10mcg.  She said its relatively new, but was recently approved for breastfeeding moms who had an established milk supply. i could feel the difference in mine after day 1 of taking it.. at first i didnt, but the next day towards afternoon hours, Layla could barely get anything out of me. Maybe its approved for breastfeeding moms who still EBF in those early stages, but I think it affects me because of the fact that layla doesnt EBF anymore since being introduced to solids. Not sure. Either way, I stopped it and my supply has gone right back to what it was. We didnt feel the mini pill would be a good fit for me with my memory issues and since its progestin only and thats what Mirena has and I bled constantly on that. So, DH and I are just going to temp (although he doesnt believe me when I say "I O'd!, we're ok now".. he doesnt think that you can possibly know when you are fertile or not. MEN! lol) and use protection. I am also having to hunt down latex free condoms now as well since apparently Im mildly allergic to that. >_>   Have you ever heard of Lo Loestrin FE and BF'ing? I couldnt find anything


Alix: Migraine = not good!  Have you tried the chiro for that? Especially now that you are may help if it didnt before. Your body reacts totally different  Call your OB and explain your migraine situation to them as well, they may be able to tell you if its ok to take it or not, they have a list. :smileyhappy: Besides, thats what you pay them for! :smileyhappy:

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