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Brie: I am going to ask my OB next week if there is anything she doesn't want me doing since I work at a fitness center and have to do a lot of bending/lifting and use cleaning supplies. I only have to work the front for a few more months then I get to help with the people taking a fitness test. They get to sit down and take lunch breaks so I am looking forward to it, I hope they move me soon.

Simone: I hope you dont get Af. Hope she stays away.

Afm: the dogs woke me up from my nap. I have a killer migraine too. I can't wait for this OB appointment. I want the go ahead from my dr it's ok to take my fiorecet if not I need her to recommend something so I can go to my base dr and ask for it. Me and the dh figured out why I can't sleep. It's because I usually fall asleep next to him and now that he's at work when I go to sleep it takes me longer to fall asleep. I did the same thing when I worked at lodging and we had different shifts. I need to use my stuffed animal he got me and see if that helps, it did for a while. Well I'm gunna go. Dh comes home for lunch soon. Gotta fix him some food. Have a good evening ladies!

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