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Alix: It usually does get worse the first semester, the second semester most women feel great and energetic..which is why its called the "honeymoon stage". The third trimester brings the tired feelings back.  its just your body's way of making sure baby is getting enough energy to grow and flourish. :smileyhappy: I'd be worried if you didnt feel tired! I was useless for the first 3-4 months of pregnancy at work.. then the last month I couldnt do much either.  Just try to go with the flow and do what you can. If they want to be dingalings about it, talk to your OB and see what they can do for you as well concerning work and etc.


I dont think Im going to continue the bcp, i really want to, but when i saw how my body reacted, I just feel cautious. Dr M. doesnt think i'd do good with the mini pill either, for 2 reasons. Its progestin only (which was Mirena's ingredient) and then the whole "has to be taken at the same time everyday" routine that I tend to forget, even with alarms set on my phone. lol. Guess DH and I will have to be more careful about how we use protection (ie.. actually using . Idk.

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