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Alix: being exhausted but can't fall asleep easily is also apart of pregnancy.. I remember having the same problems. It gets worse later on in pregnancy lol.. I used to wake up for hours, then fall back asleep. I think its your body's way of preparing you for the sleep loss that is to come in a few months :smileywink: so excited for your u/s! :smileyhappy:


Tara: I thought it was a strange concept too, but she swears by it that they got PG the first month they tried it.. for a few dollars, i guess it'd be worth a shot.


afm-waiting out AF. bcp seemed to really affect the milk, it left layla trying to suck so hard i felt like i did when she first started nursing. OUCH. So undecided on whether or not to continue them. Classes began last night too, i have very boring sounding teachers for astronomy and stats, but they are very laid back and kinda funny, so i think it will be a decent semester. :smileyhappy: 2 more to go after this!

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