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Tara: I am super relieved. DH sounded relieved but disappointed at the same time.

Im sorry AF showed. :smileysad: but on the upside, that means you did O on your own!  I was talking to my friend that was on the 100mg of clomid, had the IUI and then got pregnant the following month, she said that she used instead softcups! She said after they had sex that evening, she put in a softcup immediately, and went to sleep, they were pregnant that month. Worth a shot. :smileyhappy: Ive read online that several people have tried that with success. I guess the logic is, it keeps the sperm closer to the cervix, so its easier to get them "in the right direction"?  idk how you feel about using that kind of thing, but thought i'd share. :smileyhappy:


Simone: Maybe its just a matter of time for AF to show up for you. If you got tests for a bfp early on every other time, it could be just a waiting game for now, espcially if you've been getting negatives. Idk.. I havent gotten to that part of the book yet about what to expect your chart to look like after o.. lol sorry. Maybe you are just hoping for that bfp and reading into it too much? like I said, no idea what to think over here. lol. But logic tells me that if you got Bfp's early on before and getting bfn's now this late still, that maybe AF is coming soon. Have you had any other symptoms?


afm- begun the bcp yesterday evening, seems to have affected milk supply some so far already.. I'll keep watching and monitoring it. I could always stop them if it gets to be an issue for real.

My best friend came over yesterday with a dozen roses and hugh lauries CD (major crush on that man! mmm) and then DH came home with a dozen red roses and cheesecake , and cooked dinner. :smileyhappy: (he gave me my actual gifts on his bday lol) with my nose all crazy, I could barely taste it, but what i did taste , dinner was good.


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