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Just in case you can't see the old one...


Isra: Thanks and I hope it will be! It will explain why my line with FMU was barely there and the line this afternoon is a little darker than yesterday's test. I may go for a blood test tomorrow. My OB"s nurse said to wait a day or 2 and put in the order for one. Hopefuuly af won't show up and you get a bfp instead! The answer to your question is spotting doesn't count as the first day of your cycle. They count it by the first day of a light bleed or more. 


Christine way to keep your baby cooking! You made it to Full term... congrats! 


Haley How have you been feeling? 


Brie I think he will take the news OK. I just don't want to tell him until after I get a + by a blood test and possibly not even until I go to my first OB appt and see the baby on the screen. 


Hello Nicole, Tara, Amanda!


AFM I am feeling pretty good. Just anxious to get the blood test. At least than I will know for sure if I can start making a ticker and set up my first OB appt. 


My court as today and I have to go back. Ugh!!! Hopefully it will be all over with next time. 

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