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Amy: Thank you, and yes they did. :smileyhappy: I am grateful that they took the time to make sure i wouldnt hurt my baby. I know that pump and dump is sure not an attractive option at this when im not making a whole lot now, (altho more than when i had mirena in place) since layla only BF's like 3-4 times a day. Its still important!!


Isra: Ah, I wouldnt like wearing a pad at all..period. (no pun intended there lol). I break out in rashes!  It doesnt matter which brand. I switched to softcups when I had all that trouble post mirena..thinking maybe i was having issues with tampons. slight learning curve to them, but i think they are great otherwise. I do have a minor freak out with removing it but thats because i hate blood lol.

Moving sounds like a pain, but its a new adventure for you and your family :smileyhappy: and maybe will provide you with the "new start" for you "new addition :smileywink: "

I discarded two temps, one from where I had been awake and moving around for awhile and had forgotten to temp on waking, and one from when i lost a bunch of sleep due to my drunk neighbors using the steps as their party ground. I knew they werent accurate temps at that point. Yesterday was 98.4! It was off the chart! lol but i had a fever due to the UTI but marked it on my chart as well. Im not sure what i should be looking for on my chart to know if its good or not .

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