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Nicole: when did their teeth actually pop through? It's been 2 weeks and we only see where it's coming in and his voice is gone and he's got a rash around his mouth. He's happy as can be though. He's always happy unless he's hungry or tired. I might be re-homed the dogs if dh can't help out more with them. The dogs don't want anything to do with Bryce unless he's drooling then they are all over him. I have done everything I can think of to fix things and it's only getting worse. The cramping is freaking me out. I bend over and it hurts. I've also been trying to work out and I can't even do a sit up because that hurts too. It's right at my waist line not on the sides like I would get if I had a small cyst. It's kind of like how I felt when I was pg with Bryce but so much stronger! 

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