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Hi ladies. :smileyhappy:


Tara, I hope you enjoy your vacation!


Brie, your chart is looking great.  I wouldn't discard temps, though.


Nicole and Christine, how are you doing?  Haven't seen you on in a while, thinking of both of you and hoping you're doing well.


Haley, you, too!  Hope you and little girl are doing okay.


AFM I don't know if I mentioned but we are moving on Wednesday, they are supposed to reconnect our phone on Thursday morning.  (They were going to come Wednesday but I didn't know a time frame so I just told them to come Thursday.  Also means less pressure on an already stressful day.)  Not sure if I should be counting on anything (probably not) but I had heartburn Thurs-Fri (3-4 DPO) from mid-morning till evening and have been nauseous most of the day since Thursday.  Could just be from the heat, though, even though I'm drinking a lot.  Also got some good exercise yesterday and today.  Sigh.  I'm supposed to get AF the week school starts, somewhere from Aug. 25-28.  25 is 13DPO.  So I would guess 25 or 27 (15DPO).  I guess if AF doesn't come by August 29 then I will test.  It's kind of annoying to have to walk around with a pad the first day of school.  Arrrgggg.  If I get pregnant this month my EDD will be the day I had my m/c (on the Jewish calendar), Israel Independence Day.  I kind of hope so, I was really hoping to have a healthy baby by next Independence Day.  On this calendar it would be May 5, which isn't the same (my m/c was April 16).  I guess only time will tell...  I also have a dr appointment on Tuesday, we will see what the doctor says about my FSH.  I think he will ask me to retest next AF but we will see, I guess.  He should have something to say even now.  Hopefully it will be encouraging. 

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