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Hmm.. Alix. I still think the base doc is going by time of conception, and not the typical "4 weeks by time of + hpt" which would make sense like I said before. :smileyhappy:  You will definitely get more answers when you have your ultrasound.


The abnormality screening is just blood tests and u/s screenings. If anything comes up from your bloodwork, they will then do more extensive testing..but usually its fine. DH's father was adopted so he didnt know his medical history really, and I have never met my father..all i have is a "possible" name (my mom can't "remember" if its correct. I swear she said that just so i wouldnt find him one day, but whatever) so Im missing half my medical history we thought it was a wise idea to go through it for us. I had like 5 ultrasounds all together. vs the normal 2-3 :smileyhappy: So it was worth it for me.

You have one at 12-13 weeks,

one at 20,

and another at 23-24 weeks with MFM.


In fact, they were able to pretty much see Layla's gender at 13 weeks, thats how more defined their U/s are. Well they told me that "its looking like a girl!" and then the doctor came in and goes "OH YES, DEFINITELY Looking like a girl!" and insisted on calling her Mildred. Lol.

They confirmed it at 19 weeks when I had my next u/s with them.


It is scary when you go for the tests, because you are thinking "omg, what if something is wrong with my baby?" but also, i see it as two benefits, 1.. seeing the baby more.. and 2.. it would help you prepare for anything mentally and emotionally if something did come up.


I am excited for you! Pregnancy is very exciting.

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