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Alix: Thanks love :smileyhappy: I know DH would be happy with another, but we've pretty much agreed on just layla, especially if he wants to put her through private school, she will have to be it.. we dont have the military, post office, and police department jobs paying for ours, like his dad did. He was a smart man!


The first appointments are exciting! At 8 weeks, theres more to see than there would be now, so its definitely worth the wait! :smileyhappy: I know with us, they asked us if we wanted to screen for adnormalities at that appointment.. I was so nervous about that, but glad we did, because when you go to MFM for those screenings, their u/s equipment is more defined and you get to see the baby more :smileywink:  so i would opt for it.


afm- went to pick up my meds this morning and guess who forgot to inform her dr she is still breastfeeding? (I assumed it was on file from my physical!)  so the meds werent compatible so the pharmacist called my doc and left a message to see what we need to use that will be ok. I really like that.  However, i feel like Im going to keel over in the mean time.. they said to come back after 4, just in case they didnt call him back before then.


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