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Re: August 2013 Board
Simone: I hope you do get that BFP!

Brie: for you since you don't want the BFP yet I hope it's just from the uti. I heard that you can have some spotting with them so uti's so it could be from that.

Tara: happy anniversary! I hope you did O and get the BFP. That would be a great anniversary present. Hope you have fun on the mini vacation. I wish I could take one.

Afm : I have the next three days off from working so much this last week. I had to go in today though to turn in some volunteer information. They want me to go in front of a board of people to answer dumb questions about the AF to prove I'm a good person and can do my job. I told them I didn't want to do it and they don't believe me. I finally got my referral to see the off base OB. My Ppt is on September 4th. They said that I will be 7 weeks on the30th of August so they can't see me before then. I don't think I liked hearing that but they have their policies so I can't be too mad cause they made me an appt. we will also be getting our first ultrasound. I'm really excited!!

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