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Re: July Board

CONGRATS!!! on making it to 34 weeks!!


Simone, good luck on trying to help Ty out. I know how frustrating it is for someone to get lost in the racks of the system. I hope you can figure something out better for him than a group home.


AFM- I am still working and 18 weeks. Still trying to get my records forwarded to my new doctor so I an get an appointment made. Other than that I am just working my bum off... I also seem to be taking more naps now... just about every single day now. If I don't I find myself in bed by 7:30pm which just makes me feel really old. lol! Still not showing but all my pants/shorts are starting to get really snug so I am sure it wont be long before I start showing. This may be TMI but I have noticed that my nipples have gotten a lot more sensitive and one side seems to tingle more than the other. My mom said that is perfectly normal but I am not liking it one bit. lol! Hope everyone is doing well!