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Simone: Im glad things are looking up and Yay for Len being pottytrained! By the look of your text with Chad, It doesnt seem like he wants another baby.

I swear I'd drop over dead if I get a + on my birthday.. Ya'll have no idea. I dont think i have too much to worry about but the possibility of it even being a remote chance just has me ready to cry. I'll be starting my bcp asap.. but thinking of calling and asking for the mini pill either way. Not sure, but i have a few days left to decide. I am due for AF on the 23rd (according to FF), but another two apps are calling for it to begin on the 25th /26th. (me and DH's birthdays..naturally) So Im going to add those test dates on there.


Alix: The exhaustion will go away in a few months. They dont call the 2nd trimester "the honeymoon phase" for nothing :smileywink: I know it sure felt like ions away though when i was in the first tri.


Isra: When is your test date? Or guess your test date will be. I added simone's, but waiting on yours and Taras :smileyhappy:


afm- Called my dr office this morning, the lady I spoke to was going to see if they could just call me in some antibiotics instead of having me drive all the way up there (about an hour away from my house) just to pee in a cup to get results to a test I already know is positive. Waiting on a nurse return call now. Stupid UTI's. No fun.


On the upside, DH is working out of town tonight, so I have the whole bed to myself. No snoring knees in my back, no blanket stealer... ahhh..I wont know what to do with myself! Lol. :smileyhappy:


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