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Hello everyone! Sorry I have been gone. I have been busy! 


On the 2nd Len started telling me had to go and by the 9th he was just going potty on his own. I was asking on FB how do I get him to poop in his potty a few days ago, beacause he would ask for a training pant and would not poop until his pants were up and I was away from him. Well, as of tonight while Chad was watching him he went poop and dumped it in the toilet and then got Chad to wipe his butt for him and flush the toilet. Such a big boy! He is my earliest potty trained child. lol My twins were just over 4 and Trent was 4.5 when they finally used the toilet. Ty of course is not and from the testing his therapist and teacher at Lakeview did he will never be ready too. For that and a lot of other things he is at a 1-2 year old level. So overall he is functioning at a gae less than Lennox (thus is temper), but his writing is that of a 4-6 year old. 


On Saturday we went to the zoo and had a great time. Yes Ty did have some issues towards the end and in the van on the way back to dropping him off, but we saw a lot of the zoo and the kids behaved pretty well. 


I forgot something above. I was gone with the twins to see Planes. It was a good movie. Can't wait to actually see the end. lol  I had to use the bathroom and thought it would be quicker. Long lines, broken toilets. lol


On Monday was the last court hearing for Ty. The CPS people are going to be looking into a foster home for Ty here in Rock County so we can see Ty more have longer visits muchless home visits and then weekend visits. Plus getting everything and everyone set up for his return. 


On Friday morning we have another meeting at Lakeview about Tyler and the in the afternoon is family therapy for Eli. 


So here is a photo of a text that Chad and I had the other day.

[IMG] [/I...


I O'd Monday. So we shall see later next week. 

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