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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

I'm so sorry that it's not as easy as you had hoped it would be. I had fertility issues as well and it took three years to get pregnant, when I finally got pregnant it led to several miscarriages. I'm not saying this for sympathy, I'm saying this to remind you that we all have struggles at times. We can't give up hope and we can't lose sight of what's important. I went on to have three healthy children.


Although you and hubby may be getting a little down, there is still hope and you still have so much to be grateful for. Try to take a more relaxed approach to baby making. Try to have fun with your husband and forget that you are trying to make a baby. Sometimes things happen when you least expect meeting your husband :smileyhappy:


Stick around here. I know that there are others who have felt like you do.


Best Wishes!