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Alix: Dont worry about gaining too much right now.. I thought the same thing and packed on 40lbs with layla, but i lost it all afterwords. Eating healthy will be plenty to keep you from becoming huge :smileywink: but you will gain either way. Dont push too much right now


Tara: I am super excited for you guys :smileyhappy:


afm- I think theres been too much BDing in too short amount of time, and Im coming down with a UTI, which I used to struggle with alot a few years ago (genetics, thank you mom).  I've been up since 3:30am going to the bathroom every few mins, chills, but feel ok otherwise. DH is worried and thinks that our BD last night is what did me in, im just going to take AZO and drink alot of water, hopefully i get it out before it gets going, because i have no way of getting to the doctor until Friday. I almost wish I still went to my old doctor, all I had to do was call and Dr. C would be like "woman, do I have to keep lecturing you about how to have sex properly?!" and then give me a script for my antibiotics lol. A heck of alot easier than driving 30 miles, baby in tow, waiting rooms..etc.

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