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Amy: I have no idea..but i could never get enough watermelon. I went from watermelon to grapes and bbq. so good lol. Now I dont understand why i ate so much of either! I didnt have any cycles on the Mirena with BF'ing but I did have times I would bleed heavier (never needing more than a light tampon and never filling it) once a month so maybe that was an AF, but it was just more like heavier spotting because I spotted or lightly bled the entire 8 months i had'll be interesting to see if my cycle is the same.  I used to be the textbook case. O on CD14, AF on the 28th day. So now I O'd on CD8.. idk! Lol. I've had weird bleeding patches ever since Layla was born too..i would stop bleeding at the 5th week PP, but then two days later, I started right back up, then it continued and with the iud placement..another 8 Im so happy to not have any right have no idea. :smileyhappy: You're lucky to have the in laws offering to help with private school! Thats great! DH's father had all 4 kids in private school.. I can't imagine!! I know one that is near us offers scholarships to pay for the tuition.


Tara: Anxiously waiting an update from you lady!!


afm- my chart has CH's!

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