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Re: I'm puts and thoughts would be great! I don't know what to think :/

Agreed with Tammy.. anytime you have unprotected sex, there is a chance for pregnancy. You could always by a home pregnancy test from any store and put your mind at ease. You could also make an appointment with your doctor if you are worried. They can do anything from a urine test, blood test, to internal exam. I understand the anxiety of buying a test..afraid of the results, but its definitely better than wondering "Am I, or Am I not?" lol.


If you don't want a baby just yet, its easy to get on the pill, or use protection. I get that stopping to use condoms in a monogamus relationship is a bit of a downer, but stopping for those few seconds is a heck of alot cheaper than pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a baby. I promise :smileyhappy:

You can also express your wish for birth control with your doctor. even if you don't think you could rememner the pill, there are other options, like depo, nuvaring, and norplant. I do not recommend IUD's as I had cervical cancer as a possible "effect" of the Mirena IUD, but thats also your choice. :smileyhappy:

I currently use Lo Loestrin FE. Its a great pill, very low dose of hormones (1mg/10mcg), if hormones bother you.


Keep us updated.

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