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could i be pregnant
i :smileyindifferent: ok so we have started to agree that we would like to have another baby .i have been doing the ovulation strips and i think i may have caught the most fertile time  as i have sevire heartbun ...even as i type this its so strong i have to sleep  more than i usualy do im always hungry im throwing up and i have  a strong sence of smell at the min i can smell the  plug in from the other room and im in the kitchen i already have 2 healthy boys and i lost a baby befor my oldest son i feel that if i dont have  a baby befor im 35 i have no more chances as there would be more risks does that make me selfish .when would be the best time to do a test  as  with my 2nd son i didnt even no till i was 1 month  and that was only through doing the ovulation kit to see if i was still ovulating ..any advice
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Re: could i be pregnant
Hi there :smileyhappy: do you need help posting a question?
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