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Amy: I had the Mirena IUD from 6 weeks PP til July 19th. I had nothing but issues from it from day after finally just having enough of them all (bleeding 8 months, constant infections, feeling anxious all the time, to having meltdowns) I called the dr and they agreed that I need it out. Then came the atrophic vaginitis diagnosis last week from low estrogen. We've never had to use protection due to me being on yaz for the entire time until we decided to come off them and I got PG with layla 45 days later. The mini pill contains progestin only..which I bled on Im not wanting to go through that again lol..Im enjoying no bleeding finally! Dr. M gave me a low dose combo pill to try, but you still run the risk of the estrogen drying up your milk supply. Im super stubborn and have 10 months invested into BF'ing. If my milk dried up now, I'd be one hot mama! So that was why (and to help my body rest!) I didnt start them, with DH's agreeance that he was to use protection EVERY SINGLE TIME. But after two times of him "forgetting (which is hard to remember when ive never had to use it lol) I think im just going to take the chance with the combo bcp after this cycle. According to FF, now that i O'd on the 8th, AF is due the 23rd, if im still on a 28day cycle like i was before layla. Guess we will find out. I do not want anymore children..DH would but financially, thats too much too soon. Plus we want to put Layla in private school.


Alix: Healthy Snacks are easy.. apples, cheeses (just not soft cheeses like Brie), watermelon, fruits, veggies, chicken salad should be fine, trail mix. Think things to give you energy. You should be able to have small amounts of caffine. They told me I could have a regular 8oz cup a day (even up to 2) with no issues. I switched to decaf anyway and kept small bottles of coke on hand to take 2-3 sips on a day to keep migraines at bay :smileyhappy:. I craved watermelon and bbq alot. lol like so much our local bbq place knew us by first name basis!  I survived school days by packing trail mix and taking apples. and Hummus...yumm!

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