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Amy: The salad has a small amount of cheese croutons and a small packet of dressing. It also has a little bit of chicken and its romaine lettuce. I have only had one aversion so far and thats to fast food. I get chronic migraines. Anything sets the off. Right now,its caffine withdrawls so i have a few sips,then give my dh the rest. Glad the chiropracter helped. They usually dont work for me.

Afm: Work is boring and i did not want to leave my bed. The dh looked peaceful so i didnt have the heart to wake him up when i left. So i kissed him on his forehead and headed to work. I get to tell the managers they cant work me more than 10 hours so saturday cant repeat itself. I know im rambling so I'll get off here. Have a great morning ladies!!

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