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Alix- I'm not sure about the salad, probably depends on what is in it how healthy it is (the biggest issue with salads is normally dressing).  You're burning lots of calories though so don't skip eating!  I made Malt-o-meal for breakfast with toast quite often when I was pregnant.  Hard boiled egg and watermelon for lunch.  Dinners were difficult.  Had quite a bit of Pho with no meat in it, a beef broth though.  I didn't have nearly as many cravings as I did adversions.  So many things I did NOT want to eat.

AFM- Chiropractor helped a bit with the headache, have a massage tomorrow, after that I'm hoping it will all be happy. I forgot how much fun migraines are, I get them with AF almost always (though this one isn't with AF so I'm not sure why it wants to be here, probably partially from tight shoulders from carrying that pack with Nathan in it for about 2 miles).

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