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Alix- Honestly when I was pregnant NOTHING sounded good, so my doctor told me to eat whatever sounded good, even if it meant junk food for every meal. That being said, I ate a lot of hard boiled eggs, watermelon, apple slices, and carrots. Most meat sounded horrible.

Tara- Can't wait to hear how your consult went.

Brie- If you're not wanting to get a BFP you should probably get on something that will work for you. I am okay with a BFP honestly so I've just chosen to ignore all that. LOL I'm not trying to get one by any means, but I'm also not trying all that hard to not get one.

AFM- Just another day here. Have a bit of a migraine coming on, not a fan. Nathan took another 3 and a half hour nap, he's such an awesome sleeper most the time. Lucky me!
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