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Alix: Burlington coat factory has some super cheap maternity stuff here, then the other place was Bealls outlet, but thats more of a Florida chain store. Check out burlington for sure though :smileyhappy: I would offer to send you the ones I have, but geez at the rate DH and I are going I may need them again =)) lets hope not..but oh well. If we ever do have another, Im planning to give birth in december. Lmao.


Tara: Its almost 5 here!! GOOD LUCK! I am hoping you get some encouraging news!!!! FX'd!!!!

I did talk to Dr. M about the mini pill, but she said alot of her patients have a high failure rate, and I have a terrible short term memory, due to a concussion i recieved a few years ago. I can remember things that happend years ago just fine..hours or a day ago? Not so much.I used to be a great multitasker too..but now its more of a one track gotta finish at one sitting thing or i forget. :smileysad: So it really isnt a good fit for me, so I think im just going to take the plunge with the lo loestrin pill. the combination pills are more forgiving for my distracted brain. :smileyhappy: I havent seen an effect with using the estrace cream on my milk, so I may just go ahead with it, then I may not need to use the estrace cream with the small amount of estrogen in the pill. I can always stop if it does hurt the supply.  I just hate to play rush and roulette with my body right now after all ive been through lately. But I sure dont like playing rush and roulette with eggs and swimmers either.. hard decision. I am not starting pills mid cycle either, so I'll wait til AF is due to do HPT and start the pills. I just really hate to take them but i'd hate to have a BFP as well right now. I'll send the BFP vibes to you. :smileyhappy:


afm- i think i may be coming down with a UTI..luckily, i used to get them alot so i had some Azo on hand.took some and it seems to help. I totally forgot about the alien pee effect though and I nearly fell off the toilet when i saw it LOL.

trying to push fluids to see if that helps get it out

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