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Tara: I might go get some maternity shorts soon. It's so hot here that it makes pants stick to you. I've been wearing jeans ever since Jasmine gouged my leg with her claws. It's just too hot to keep it up. The bx sells a small amount of maternity clothes so I might go be nosy over there. I know how hard it is to remember protection in the heat of the moment. We've had several times before we got married where it got too far and dh didn't want to chance pregnancy so we didn't do anything after getting worked up. It sucked.

Afm: I am so lazy. I'm supposed to be cleaning and I haven't done a single thing. I'm also supposed to make my sister in law some baby booties and I can't get the motivation to do that either. The dogs are finally getting long with each other. Belle just always wants to play. The other two are too layed back and don't want to. Have to go break them up.

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