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Alix: I think its safe to say 5 weeks for you.. I felt that way very early on with the whole clothes thing. I wear mine snug fitting anyway (but not too tight) so any slight weight gain was noticeable. By 9 weeks, i was crying and getting maternity pants (which..are so comfy, btw). I still wear a few of my maternity clothes..they are THAT comfy!


Tara: He wont let me because he doesnt like dealing with sherriffs. In his younger years, he was a hooligan after his detective father passed away from cancer, so he went wild after that. Luckily, he's grown up and matured since then but he does NOT like dealing with cops, even if its for a good thing.

Im hoping we didnt catch an eggie we didnt mean to. We BD'd on the 2nd without protection and thats when he "forgot"  but thats 6 days later if i O'd on the 8th.. I had O pains on the 5th though.. so Im confused. I know last week I had a few "odd" days where I slept in til almost 9 am because layla slept in that late vs getting up at 7am like usual, so maybe those are slightly off? Im not sure. Im reading the FFsites book trying to understand the charting better. I definitely O'd though. We used protection this weekend..once. lol. The second time was a withdrawl..but I sure dont trust that. Layla was either concieved from a few day old swimmers or pull out mehtod failure. But I think im safe if I O'd on the 8th :smileyhappy:


afm- I think Im going to start the Lo loestrin FE next cycle.. DH has already proved this whole "using protection" thing isnt going to work lol. Next cycle puts me at Layla being 11 months, so I think I should be ok. We like to be spontaneous with our BDing and we have never had to use protection before so its hard to remember (alot harder to remember than I thought it would be too.. I figured I'd remember at least, but when you are in the heat of the moment.. NOT as easy as it appears lol). So I am going to have to take my own precautions.

The estrace cream helped tremendously, so I am good in that area, and maybe the small amount of estrogen in the LLF bcp will be just enough to keep my body on the right track. Idk. still on the fence. AF (if i get it) is due on my and DH's birthday... how lovely . I may need a hpt for my present!

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