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Tara: I think my base dr was. Going by the count from the blood test. She said it was in the 300's but didn't give me an exact number just said that I was two weeks pregnant and needed to go to the clinic as soon as it opened in the morning to get the paperwork started. That's why I took the home test the next morning so I would know for sure. Hopefully the dr I'm going too will tell me more. It turns out one of my friends sees her so she is a good dr. Makes me feel a lot better to know that. Good luck on that consult!!

Brie: I'm just going to go with you ladies on this. I feel farther along than two weeks. It's already getting hard to button up my jeans. But I think that has more to do with me eating the regular three meals a day instead of my one with just a snack. I agree with Tara about the neighbors talk to the landlord or someone. I wouldn't want to be kept up from them making a racket all the time.

Afm: the dh and I had an eventful day yesterdAy. We played frisbee golf with friends then had to look for keys on the course cause someone lost theirs and didn't realize it until we finished all 18 holes. It was fun. Then we went to lunch and shopped around for baby ideas. We have. Boy name picked out but we are stumped on girl names. We've had the b oh name picked out for a year so that one was easy. We just don't want a common girl name and that makes it harder to pick one out. Time to let the dogs out again.

Have a good morning ladies!!

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