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Alix: Tara is right.. plus, the way I understood it as, is when you find out you are PG by an HPT, you are "technically" 1.5-2 weeks along. However, it was harder for doctors i guess, so they began to say that by the time you got a + HPT, you were 4 weeks pregnant (thus going from the 36 week system to 40 weeks). Which is pretty much saying you were PG on your first day of your LMP. Hope that helps :smileyhappy: So techincally you are 5 weeks now at that point, but the baby is only about 3 weeks..and at that point if they did an ultrasound you wouldnt see much except the sac. My friend had an US at 5.5-6weeks because she was experiencing bleeding when she walked. Her first ultrasound looked like a blob lol. I was like "bekah...where is the baby?!"


Tara: OMG yes, they are total rednecks.. oh wait..nevermind, Im insulting the rednecks out there. They are worse than that. Chris wont let me call the sherriffs office, and my property manager told me that thats all i can do (and the more times we do it, the more ammo she has for eviction). Chris wont let me though so Im pretty much SOL. They had their trash bag out on the front porch of  our shared walkway for 3 days, before putting it inside their vehicle, where it has sat for a week..the smell coming from the vehicle is so bad, I keep retching. SO GROSS.


GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES ON YOUR CONSULT TODAY!! please please please update us asap!!! :smileyhappy: Im guessing with the time difference, your consult is at 5pm my time?


afm- Looks like I O'd thursday according to my chart. Been nauseated for days. DH added to stress last night, but now wont say whats going on, which only makes me worry more and worse. I need a day to relax.

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