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Tara: I think you will be a great mom, and I definitely can't wait to see your BFP!


Alix: Usually they wont do a U/s until you are further along, but if you are 4 weeks now, by the time they get you in for your first appt, they will probably do an ultrasound. We had our first at 9 weeks, 1 day and you could see Layla's little arms and legs forming :smileyhappy: She looked just like a gummy bear!! lol. It was amazing when i had a 13 week ultrasound at MFM  (we dont know my fathers med history and chris' father was adopted so we dont know much there either, so we wanted to screen for genetic defects) and she looked like a person then.. its amazing how fast they grow in a matter of weeks. I know now my OB GYN office does ultrasounds at every its hard to say.


I did tell DH how i felt before, but it never changes. Old men. >_>  I love him though.. but sometimes wish he listened a little better or would be a little sweeter.


Amy: I second that motion on the biting. Layla got me once so hard I almost peed on myself (especially since it was 2:30am and i was half asleep) She usually doesnt. I tell her "OUCH that hurts momma!" and she seemed to get it, especially when I stop after that.  My goal is a year, I dont plan on going further than that.. Im too ready to get back on a regular BCP. I just feel like Im toying with a disaster waiting to happen with condoms. Its just how our luck goes. lol.


afm- My temp is all crazy this morning, I didnt sleep good because my hillbilly neighbor got super drunk and decided to scream, laugh, yell, slam doors, fall down the stairs, climb up, run down said stairs, wake layla and chris and I, and i couldnt fall asleep til almost 4am.


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