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Re: August 2013 Board

Alix- I would certainly say something about that.  You need to take care of yourself and working crazy long hours isn't a good thing.


Tara- I LOVE having a boy, I pray when I have another it's a boy as well, he's been so much fun.  We hiked Mt. Pilchuck today, I read it's a fairly easy hike, whoever said that needs to be hurt somehow.  So many rocks to climb through.  Ugh!


Brie- I had intended to BF a year and then play it from ear after that.  We're still BFing, I don't think I would go past two years and I highly doubt we will make it there, I did tell him after the second time he bit me that if he does it again after he turns one we're done.


AFM- So tired.  I only managed to hike with Nathan on my back for about 2 miles then had to hand him off to someone that does far more hiking.  Was kinda bummed I couldn't do it, but I'm glad I finished the hike so I suppose it was worth it.

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