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Brie: Four weeks spounds right to me too. I have to wait to find out for sure though. Do you think they'll do an ultrasound at the first appointment to make sure? I hope so. I wpuld love to sre whats going on in there. Im still sorry about the dh. Have you told him how you feel or anything?

Tara: I got the name of another dr from a co-worker if we dont like this one we will give that one a call. She said that this dr is amazing and is good at her job.

Afm: I'm still at work i was yold i had to stay late cause someone couldnt come into work. Im starving and irritated not a good mix. The dh is pretty upset too he wants me to turn everyone in for making me work last my shift. I might do that cause i know it will happen again. Im tired of them abusing me like this. Its been work work work since i started here at the gym. They dont care what they do to people or how far they push them. Sorry for ranting im just really upset about this..i will post again when i get home from work.

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