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Re: August 2013 Board

Tara: I'll add Alix's EDD up based on your findings :smileyhappy:, but am super hopeful that i will get to add yours as well! I am so glad you will BF as well. Its super hard at first.. you'd think it'd be natural instinct, but its so not.. I think you will be a wonderful mother, and I surely cannot wait to see you and your BFP, and watch for your PG updates and eventually "meeting" that LO.. and hoping your dream is true..its a little girl :smileyhappy:

Its time you and DH caught a break!


How long were you guys together for before you got married? Chris and I will be together for 5 years next month. =x Thats a long time, of course, I've had my moments where I want to throw him on his rear..but hes done so much for me, not just physically but emotionally. Hes helped me overcome alot, and I've done that for him (so he says.. that man is like a freaking mountain, I cant imagine how i've helped him lol).

Happy Early Anniversary to you guys!!


I just realized 15 and 16 days til DH and I's birthdays..and I have yet to even go shopping for an idea of what to get him. lol whoops!

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