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Alix: You should be able to change if you dont like who you picked. Maybe you can get a list of OB's to choose from and do some research online. My PCP referred me to Dr. M 6 years ago.. I wasnt sure at first, but she has been the GREATEST GYN.. I cussed her out the first time she tried to do a pelvic exam.. I was in pain in that area to begin with and hadnt been sexually active.. the pain was excruitiating when she tried to do an exam. I started cursing and crying hysterically in front of my aunt (who had come with me) who is a nun. LOL.. oh well.. all that to say, Dr. M and I have a great you never know. You may find that who you picked is a great OB! You could always do some research before your first appt as well!


DH is goofy.. I've pretty much gone a whole month without anything while the SS is here. So I have gotten over wanting it by waiting on him. He has no issues asking me to "service " him while JD is here, but he wont touch me. double standards!!


Tara: DH hasnt a romantic bone in his body.. lol but the idea is nice.


I hope you do find you are PG. :smileyhappy: When you do have your LO, are you going to BF? A year seems like such a long time, but its a year.. the first year.. its worth it! :smileyhappy:


afm- Layla has been trying to walk so badly the last few days. Its coming..and its coming fast!!


and oh my.. I smell something smelly.. bbl!

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