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Christine: Congrats!! I know I'm late with that but last month was so crazy I couldn't even think straight. I was on 12 hour shifts all month and it was our one year anniversary.

Brie: I'm sorry your dh is making you wait. When mine does that I just start picking on him then when he gets annoyed I just kiss him and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Right now he won't touch me just hold me. I think he's scared and still in shock that were pregnant haha. I hope your dh realizes making you wait isn't a good thing.

Tara: Those dreams sound very promising. I really hope you get your BFP!! I can't get an ultrasound yet. I don't have a dr and they won't see me on base for the pregnancy. Only if its an issue like my migraines. I still have to see my normal dr for that. I think I am more than two weeks though. My last LMP was July 12 and I O'd on the 25th and I was supposed to start yesterday and the home test came back positive.

Afm: I'm eating breakfast which is new for me. I usually eat when I get home from work but the little peanut doesn't like that and makes me hungry as soon as my eyes open in the morning. I'm waiting for an off base OBGYN since the base hospital is now only a clinic so they dont see pregnant women on base anymore. Once you find out you have to go to all three floors have a paper signed by all the spots that are there family advocacy the wellness center public health and pediatrics. I was there for two hours yesterday. And they made me pick a dr on the spot. I don't know any OB drs and yet I had to pick one. It's not right. Well I have to leave for work in a few minutes I will be back later today.

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