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Re: August 2013 Board

Alix- Sounds like you found out on the early side. You are probably 4 weeks ish since technically you start counting from AF. Having an early US will help give you the best dates if your LMP was unreliable. 


Brie- That is so frustrating that you aren't in the mood anymore from having to wait it out for so long. Hope dh can do something romantic. That's kinda funny that his ex in-laws want to see you and Layla. You'd think his ex wouldn't like that unless it's a scouting mission. But, hey if you all get along then that's even better. I sure pray my dream comes true and would save us a lot of money, too. It felt so real although it's something I've been thinking a lot about lately, too. Yeah the consult is free for the phone one. Not sure what the next step will be once we talk to her on the phone. Looking forward to Monday afternoon.