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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)
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Alexx: sounds like your hormones are picking up on something that the test might not pick up yet. I'm hoping this is a positive test for you this month!!

Nicole: I'm still not sure if it was my mucous plug or not. And I'm waiting for my water to break but I think the more I wait for it the more it won't happen. I did let dh decorate the baby room. I just put away the clothes. We still don't have enough space for all of them. I think I need a tote so I can get all of the bigger clothes out and just keep the newborn to 3 month clothes then switch out. They had me hooked up to one of the NST monitors in the hospital and my ob said there were no contractions but the nurse and on call dr put me on meds to stop labor and contractions. I really wish this dr had showed this side in the beginning when I could have changed drs. I'm just waiting for the contractions to get closer together so I can just go into the er.

Has anyone ever heard popping noises coming from the womb? It's scaring me. I also feel like I've been run over by a semi. My whole belly hurts and my boobs. I hope this baby gets here soon.
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