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Tara: Maybe you already O'd and caught that eggie, and those are those de ja vu dreams :smileywink: I hope you did O on your own, that'd be great! Maybe with so many clomid cycles, your body has figured out what to do now. Wouldnt that be great?  I am excited for you either way, for the IVF consult..and the possibility that you wont even need to persue it further. This is the free consult right?


Alix: Hmm.. did they set you up for an ultrasound yet? you will get a EDD at that point and they will be able to tell you how far along you are at that point. I know my OB GYN wouldnt even do an orientation (and a pregnancy test as well) until you were at least six weeks and no ultrasound until they thought you were past 8 weeks, unless you were having issues, like bleeding. Happy and healthy 9 months to you!!


afm- JD leaves tomorrow. I'll be glad for some peace and quiet.. i swear the two of them together is a constant wrestle fest! I can go into a different room, close the door, and in a minute they are right in there following me, wrestling beside me. It drives me bonkers!  I dont care if they wrestle, but geez NOT on top of me, please!

DH is looking forward to BDing, but now that hes made me wait all this time, Im not even really excited. The last time hurt pretty bad, so it wasnt even enjoyable. Im just used to the "no not today, hes in the next room" routine that Im beyond wanting it. Plus, I really think I O'd already so the drive is decreasing anyway. Oh well, his loss. I have to go clean since we are expecting his ex in laws to be here sometime this evening. They wanted to see me and Layla. lol Weird much? Just a lil but i guess its better than ex in law drama.

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