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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)
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Alix: I wonder if you should be monitored on the NST, this way they can keep track of your contractions. It's hard to avoid having to take the dogs out. That was my only outside task when I was on BR. And, yes you have to be careful with the stairs. Our computer is in the basement and that was one of the reasons DH bought me a kindle so I can have access to the internet while lying down. I never saw my mucous plug with Lucas. But, I did with Aaron. The bloody show didn't come for either until I was already in full on labor. My water didn't break for either also. It's fun watching the games too :smileywink: Yes, the show airs on A&E Weds at 10:30. We record it on our DVR. Lots of baby clothes huh! You're getting closer to 36 :smileyhappy: Oh yeah, it's very common to have extremely sore boobs, your hormones are on overload and affects them too. It's ok to design Bryce's room but leave the painting up to your DH.

Brie: Maybe you just didn't even O this cycle because of the missed pills and spotting. The new stroller will be great exercise for you even if you can't run just yet. The more the merrier with your teeth, I had mine out all at once and DH had his one at a time, it was a rough experience for him doing it that way. He was trying to be brave about it just having novocaine each time, I preferred just being out and they were all done.

Hi Amy :smileyhappy: Those BH's can be pretty strong sometimes. I'm glad your visit went well, it was definitely a good idea to be put on the NST.

Alexx: Hmm, the heightened emotions and sleepiness, those sure do seem like pregnancy signs :smileywink:

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