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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)

Oh man, weird few days. My boobs have been hurting so much since thursday. On saturday, I woke up in a weird mood and went to lay down at 10 AM and just started bawling. I went for a walk with our puppy and sat in a field and cried for an hour. Then I went home to help my husband clean for game night and found myself in the bathroom crying while cleaning the toilet and my husband found me. He asked what was wring and I couldn't give him an answer because there was nothing wrong. It was so weird. Then, I went to bed on sunday at 11PM and woke up at 8 to take Adam to school, then slept until 5 PM!!! 16 hours of sleep! Then I took a nap from 8PM-11PM before work. So in 24 hours, I slept 19. I'm either about to start a crazy AF or I'm knocked up. lol...