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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)
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Brie: I know your happy it's negative. It might be the stress your under and missing that one day for the pill.

Amy: sorry about the Braxton hicks. I know those are annoying, I thought that's all mine were when I went in. I even told the nurse that. I'm taking it as easy as I can. I really want to clean the entire house but I am hold ping myself I n check and not doing it. I'm even using the dishwasher to do dishes instead of hand washing them cause our dishwasher isn't that great.

Afm: I'm trying to figure out how to paint some pictures for Bryce's room. I have the pictures on my iPad but I can't seem to draw right now. My hands are still too swollen from crocheting too much. I think I need tracing paper. I found a really good lion king picture to paint for his room and got all the paint and wood for it.
I also have another question...did anyone's boons ever hurt really bad this late in pregnancy? I feel like I just did a 100 push-ups when I haven't really done anything today and they started hurting after lunch.
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