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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)

Nicole: It was negative :smileyhappy: which is a huge relief.  Im thinking my cycle is messed up from when I had the spotting for 6 days after missing those two pills then doubling up. I cant think of any other reasons other than that. I will let you know how we like the stroller.. like I said, its about $100 more than we wanted to spend (had been eyeing the Jeep Adventure Jogger for $212. DH runs, I can't run for a great while due to my ankle, but we do hike alot so a jogger is what they recommend)...but the ratings on the BOB made it seem better, plus alot of people said the jeep strollers tires wouldnt inflate and jeep refused to replace them.  As for my teeth, I believe i'll be able to get 3 out at once.. I am pretty sure one will need to be seen by an oral surgeon but i could be wrong! i'll know on the 31st.


Simone: I'll add it. Seems like you have alot going on lady! (HUGS)). good luck TTC

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