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Re: August 2013 Board
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Alix: Congrats!!! I added your BFP to  the board, and a EDD of 4/2014.. If that changes, let me know :smileyhappy: I'll change it! Congrats again!


Tara: now its your turn for a miracle baby :smileyhappy: FX'd for you!  Is your DH excited about the consult? is he going to do it with you?


Christine: Well, I'd stick to charting if you are on the fence, but the same ingredient on the mini pill is whats in mirena.. so, It wouldnt have worked for me either. I bled for 8 months, I need a break LOL. But since you did good on mirena, it may be fine for you. If you are on the fence, i wouldnt do it. I know several people who have used it, autumn included..and they say its great. Im too forgetful for it to be sucessful.


afm- after temp stayed the same (pretty much) for 3 days, it went up this morning, I checked it like 3 times to make sure.. lol. So not sure what to expect. Kinda early for O.. if i even will. But then again, BF'ing could have my body all confused still

DH did pick up the estrace, no directions from dr m. so i used 1/4 of an applicator and see how that goes.

Usually its a twice a week thing, so hopefully it helps.

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