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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)
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Brie: I still hope it's good news. My little sister didn't talk until she was 3. And she is fine. She just wanted us to cater to her. Awe Layla sounds so sweet. I hope Bryce is like that!

Tara: I'm sorry about the neck pain. My shoulder still bothers me even after the bone spur was removed. Car accidents are no joke!

afm: I don't know what's going on but about 30 min ago Bryce decided he wanted to be very active and now I have a sharp shooting pain that won't go away and it feels like it's right under my bladder. I went to the bathroom thinking it was that and I was almost doubled over from the pain. I'm gunna see if a warm bath will help I haven't felt this pain before. My hips have been popping too. I'm not sure if it's pain from him dropping or the round ligament pain.
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